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A jeweler offered to clean my diamond wedding ring this week at San Tan Village Helzberg Diamonds while I was there on an impulse. She returned the ring to me, and said it couldn't be cleaned because a diamond was loose and the gold on several settings was seriously worn. They offered to do the repair for me, which would have cost several hundred dollars, but when I told them I have a warranty with another jeweler, they encouraged me to get it... Read more

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I absolutely love Helzberg (the only location I've dealt with is Gurnee IL). We purchased my engagement ring, wedding rings for myself and husband, a necklace with diamond cross pendant, and 2 sets of earrings and a Mother's ring (3 birthstones plus 2 diamonds) all with the extended warranty. I have everything inspected within 6 months (as required) and never once had an issue. I moved out of state (over 50 miles from a store location) for 2... Read more

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Helzberg customer service is A JOKE. They could give two *** about a loyal customer over 10 years, Veteran as well, with they're credit card. As far as I'm concerned they can choke on a enormously large fat ***! I would employ you to look for jewelry ELSEWHERE! The customer service manager, Tanya, employee ID, 44405. Is a simple minded, micromanaged ***. If she is a manager, it would be safe to assume that no other manager or multi unit... Read more

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I was presented a wedding ring set , but it was to large, so we went back for a resize, in the process decided to upgrade. During the upgrade process the sales clerks misrepresented the final price and we ended up spending more than we expected. It was not the final price of the set that up set us, it was how it was done. The sales clerks were only interested in making their commission and failed to disclose the true final price of the set. ... Read more

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Helzberg Diamonds had several locations close by in Frederick MD, they had friendly customer service, and the warranty was appealing. So i purchased my wife and myself engagement rings, wedding rings and multiple other pieces from them. Locations started closing 3 years later and now there are not any within 50 miles. I contacted customer service and they said i was within 60 miles of a location and would have to drive to that location for the 6... Read more

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I went to the store to see what it would cost to upgrade my diamond to a larger one, rebuild bands and enlarge them, also where I would stand if I totally upgraded to new ring. I didn't have my original receipt, always before they would look up in computer... they said I couldn't upgrade to a new ring without the receipt. Then said they would try to find out in main computer base. Promised to phone me with findings in 1-2 day. No call ever... Read more

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We bought an engagement ring with a wrap. My fiancée fell in love with it. The ring was white gold, and the wrap was rose gold. After the first sizing and putting together the two pieces, we had a white gold and yellow gold ring. Short version, it was sent back numerous times, each time coming back with new issues. The only good thing, was that when I called in to the customer service line (when we were at the end of our rope with the company),... Read more

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Are the diamonds real????? I bought my second ring from Helzberg i go to get my nails done and when ny hands are under the uv light i see several diamonds that are whited out or a cloudy look i xall Helzberg they say its normal. WTH! Add comment

Helzberg Diamonds sales women changed the price for the main ring as soon as we mentioned we don't need the head unit for the 2nd ring. She said the guy in the cash register forgot to add something so now it is $100 more. When challenged, she said "Honey it is still worth it". The way she said it ticked me. At that point I questioned the entire deal. I just walked away from the store. They behave like bargain street vendors. Read more

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I have been without my ring longer than I've had it! It's always in the shop due to diamonds falling out! Today my center diamond fell out in my purse (nothing strenuous on it). I'm never going to this company again! My husband even spent extra on a radiant star diamond. Not a cheap bill. Read more

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