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Had the beautiful sparkly diamond from helzberg appraised by another company and it turns out it is full of flaws and cracks and coal inside, and worthless. have your helzberg diamonds appraised.

You might be shocked by the true value of the rock. very upsetting. I emailed Helzberg with no response. Upon going to their store even the staff admitted that the thousands of dollars ring they sold me is worth about $700 to return it.

The appraiser valued it at even lower because of the cracks and coal marks inside the diamond. I have been informed they use low end diamonds at a ridiculous markup, plus the interested you are paying on their credit card. It was very sad to find out that our dream engagement ring is in fact a piece of *** rock that has been polished to look nice. The certificate they give you is also a fake.

nobody will accept that as a buyback certificate.

Not even for an appraisal. sad sad sad ripoff

Review about: Helzberg Diamonds Ring.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Actually, Helzberg is back by the American Gem Society. Their graded diamonds come with laser inscriptions on the diamond to match with the report.

If they do not have a grading report, each tag has the color and clarity of the diamonds. Helzberg also has a light performance device and a gemscope which you can look at the diamond at 10 power magnification.

Grading reports cost around $500 for just the report and American Gem Society has ethics and integrity that they hold everyone to uphold, which by the way is only 5% of nationwide jewelers, retailers, and appraisers. I would recommend finding someone accredited with AGS to have your ring appraised.

to Anonymous #1368692

Absolute ***.. AGS is not a nationally recognized, not reputable certifier..

generally only IGA is used and depended upon, occasionally EGL.. never AGS, lmfao

to Tyler 1 #1446063

You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not defending Helzberg in any way but please dont spread false information about something you clearly know nothing about.

GIA and AGS are the two top regarded labs in the business.

Everyone else is second rate, including EGL and their consistently incorrect color grading. I am a GIA Gemologist and AGS Certified Appraiser, by the way, in case you decide to question my two cents on this.

Midlothian, Texas, United States #897567

It's too bad underhanded jewelry companies discredit other peoples jewelry to make you feel bad. I bet they sell jewelry where you got it so called appraised.

Or was it a pawn shop! If it has a certificate of quality by a laboratory that is a second party description.

You've been duped by the oldest underhanded trick in the retail jewelry industry. Tell someone they bought poor quality so they can sell you theirs...

to Denny #897609

As a matter of fact that is not the case at all here. I was actually not trying to buy and it was not a jeweler or a pawn shop.

Not a jewelry store either. It was a professional appraisal. I wanted to know the real value if the ring because I heard it's not what the store claimed it was. I didnt seek to buy or sell anything.

This was as bias free of an appraisal as i could get.

I would not trust the chain jewelery store's quality ever again. Facts speak louder than salesman BS

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