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*Beginning: On Jan 2, 2016, My wife and I went to the Topeka store in search for an Tanzanite wedding ring. As we found one, the customer serve that we received was well appreciated. The lady was very thoughtful to have our service and was very patient with us as we search numerous rings. The ring that we finally found was a size 7. As we were told that all display rings were that size , we would needed it to be resized. The associate sized my wife's finger as a size 5.5. After two weeks of waiting, we received a phone call on the Jan 14, 2016 stating that her ring was ready to pick up.

* Date of Initial Pick up: On Jan 14, 2016, My wife and I went back to the Topeka Store pick up the wedding ring. We were on our way to meet my family (to introduce her). So it was important to have the wedding ring. Upon walking in we received the usual great greeting. Customer service was amazing until the time of fitting. As my wife tried on the ring she complained of it being extremely tight. The initial greeter sized the ring and noted that it was a size 4.5. As we stated it was to them it is extremely important for us to have the ring due to family. They rushed it and took it back to the jeweler to have it resized to the right size. There was a different associate that helped us out that time upon the time of resizing. She placed it on the ring measurer and said it was the right size. As my wife placed it onto her finger she said it was tight again where she could not even twist it. The associate said it was cold outside and said it would fit when her hands warmed up. She also tried to talk down to us stating that her fingers were a odd shape and that is was her knuckle that were making it tight. Officially making us feel like we are children while not even offering an apology for their drastic mistake. Not once was the store manager (Tim) was insight or acknowledged us. As we were already late to meet my family we had not time to argue trusting their so called professional judgment.

*Time with Family: As the weekend started the ring seemed to very tight and very nerve racking to my wife. So much she thought it was her and started to take anti-flamitory medication (OTC). Just as much that did not help.

* Kansas City Store and Associates: Jan 17, 2016, On our way back to our house in Mid Kansas we stopped at the Kansas City store and see what they thought. Upon our arrival we were greeted by Eva. We explained our situation and she was very sympathetic and understanding. As she asked my wife to *** the ring she noticed how red her finger was and how difficult it was to take it off. She placed it on the ring measurer and stated it was a size 5. This was after we already stated and resized twice by the Topeka Store. Eva wrote down our correct size and even showed us to verify. As we verified the correct size she told us it could take up to a week to correct Topeka's mistake. We received a call two days later stating that her ring was once again resized to the correct size. We could not make it during the work we so we agreed that we would pick it up on the following Saturday.

*Date of Final Pick up: On Jan 23, 2016 From Mid Kansas we drove to Kansas City in order to pick up my wife's ring. Upon arrival of the store we saw Eva and she automatically recognized us and got the ring. When she found our ring she noticed that the original size was mark out and in its place was the number 5. Eva said she did not know how that changed and that she would correct the mistake right then and there. After this mistake My wife started to tear up and cry. She was starting to get real upset. All she wanted was to wear her wedding ring. Especially after 3 weeks of waiting. After walking around for about 30 mins we received a phone call from Eva and stated that our ring was ready and was sized as requested. As we entered the Kansas City Store, we were greeted by the Store manager (Seth). He showed great remorse for their stores mistake and started his conversation with us with a deep apology. We request a copy of the mistake (the original size marked out) and without hesitation he gave us a scanned copy. I asked him if the Topeka store should have their copies and he stated that they should keep it on file for at least 1 year. Before leaving I requested the regional manger's contact information. Once again with no hesitation they fulfilled the request.

* Getting Copies from Topeka: Coming from Kansas City to the Midwest. We decided to call Topeka store in order to ask them if they had the copies of the size changes. The associate that answered the phone stated that they should. Upon entering the Topeka store we were greeted with a friendly demeanor. I asked for the store manager and then approached Tim. Tim started off friendly until I requested for the information of the their mistakes. He got upset that first he could not find our account and that we were trying to describe our situation to him. After finding our information we stated that we were calling the Regional Manager Josh Knight in order to file a complaint. Then things really got bad. His face got flustered and an annoyed look on his face. On three different times he cut off my wife during their conversation. Then he stated that their jewelers were very well experienced and that they make mistakes. I did not want to continue the conversation so I requested the information and all he gave us was the original purchase statement and he stated that was all the information that the regional manger would needed. I have already contacted (voicemail) and just waiting on a reply. I am in the process of emailing the CEO with the regional manager CC'd here shortly.

* My recommendation: Do not go to the Topeka store. We love our ring and appreciate it after all of this mix up. If you want a good customer service store go to Kansas City.

Product or Service Mentioned: Helzberg Diamonds Ring.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We live in Topeka also- my fiancé got me a ring from the Topeka Helzberg and long story short, after waiting a month and receiving a defective ring, along with the back and forth Rudeness/BS from Tim Beverly (Topeka Helzberg manager), we ended up returning the ring. My fiancé is going to the Overland Park mall to get a different ring from their Helzberg.

To deliberately not deal with Tim.

He is awful. I can’t believe he has a job.

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