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In April i bought my fiancee an engament ring from Helzberg. Its 14k white gold diamonds and blue sapphires.

It after taxes was $3064.00 i lost my job do to layoffs and she was out of work for a period. I didnt wanna sell her ring, but shes very modest and practical. Upon trying to see how much id be able to possibly get for the ring. I was devastated to learn my ring only has a value off 250 dollars.

I wanted to cry or punch sonething. I was shown many rings which were biggee more vibrant for far far less than what i paid.

And thats not even including the $189.00 insurance. This should be illegal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Helzberg Diamonds Ring.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Helzberg didn’t “scam you” Use your head....You were offered $250 for it so they could sell it for $1200.00 and turn a profit....Who REALLY scammed you now??


It looks like the diamond are tiny, diamonds under a carat do not carry value. Sapphire is also inexpensive, 14k gold, not much there. Overall you bought the look and craftsmanship, there is not much true valuable material there.


What should be illegal is the purchase of diamonds by uninformed individuals. That would prevent the scenario you have described.

Who pays 10x the actual value for things like that ? And who offered you $250 ? Unhappily, 14kt white gold is the bottom of the jewelry barrel, as are sapphires and diamond chips. Always remember : Diamonds are not rare, they are simply highly priced.

Now undetectable synthetics are being produced.I say keep the ring, value it as a symbol of your relationship, and don't worry about the price - you'll only do this once, hopefully - sorry you have money problems (but those can be aggravated by spending $3k+ on jewelry).

P.S. - I spent years as a professional coin and jewelry dealer ...


Educate yourself before buying jewelry educate yourself before buying anything but especially jewelry


any store dealing with preowned jewelry is going to offer you "market value". that is they will offer you at most a value for scrap gold and then a value for the diamonds based on market WHOLESALE prices.Pawn shops if you are PAWING the jewelry, that is taking a loan out aginst the item as collateral, is going to offer far less.

a Pawn shop makes its money buy you paying them INTEREST on the loan, should you fail to pay within the time frame (1 to 6 months depending on the place) they own the item.

they will then attempt to sell it for what ever they can.Unless you are spending very large sums of money (think millions my dears) jewelery is not a short term investment, it is a LONG term investment. Also if you are buying as an investment you should never be buying from a RETAIL location regardless of chain or mom and pop.Yes it sucks but these are the facts.If i spend $10000 at xyz store i can not expect to be able to walk into abc pawn shop and get $10000 for it, i would be lucky to be offered $1000

to Anonymous #1496663

Right ! Rule #1 - never buy jewelry retail.


Pawn shops or jewelry stores never give you what you paid. I pawned my 18k gold and diamond Tiffany locket that I paid over 1,000 for.

I got 75 dollars. It doesn't mean the ring is not valuable; those shops just prey on the desperate.


Everyone knows that when you either try to return or outright sell a piece of jewelry, you won’t get anywhere close to what you paid.

This is not a Helzberg issue, it’s a life learning issue.

BTW, I’m not a jeweler, nor do I work for or have ever purchased anything from the company. No dog in this fight.

to KJM #1405829

Obviously you're not a jeweler, nor are you very educated. As far as precious metals go, do you understand spot price or how about solid gold versus clad in gold, and diamond ratings clarity, carbon cracks, all kinds of knowledge needed when buying precious minerals etc., But you don't need to be a rocket scientist either.

The knowledge needed to buy an engagement ring can be done online in about 15 minutes so you at least know what questions to ask and what to look for. You stated that the unhappy buyer should know that if you buy jewelery, you are going to take a hit in your wallet if you need to sell it.....that is so inaccurate and misleading and pretty much ignorant.

Why respond to a person's problem if you are no help what so ever, you can't be that bored in life?So, as far as buying and selling jewelery is like selling a used car, you are so WRONG. I'm not a jeweler, but I am a well informed electrician lol.

to Joe Shmo #1409230

KJM is right though. It doesn't matter what the ring is worth, you won't get that back pawning or selling. It doesn't mean the store misrepresented the value.

to Joe Shmo #1421676

You are wrong and not educated on reselling jewelry. I have had personal experience.

I had mine priced and was only offered less than a fifth of what was paid, and less than a year later.

The only way to get my full value is to turn it in to the same jeweler, and buy something twice the price, then they will deduct the price of the original jewelry. Don't know if all jewelers offer that but Jareds does.


Since you purchased insurance you should be in receipt of a valuation certificate. That is what the store says is the value of the ring is to replace.

Go back to them with your valuation certificate if Heilzberg is telling you it is worth only $250. Heilzberg is quite aware that is grounds for fraud.

to Asia Love #1500130

Insurance is to replace the ring...a shop is going to offer you the combined prices of the material value. Replacing a ring involves a LOT more than the price of the materials, someone has to craft the ring.

A pawn shop doesn't care about the craftsmanship of most jewelry, they just want the materials. It's similar to scrapping a car...if you take your brand new car to a scrapyard, they're going to give you WAY less than what you paid for it.

The value of the material is not the same as the value of the car overall. Same with a ring...except that a ring is so specific in tastes (as opposed to mass-produced cars) that it's going to be MUCH more difficult to sell it on the secondary market for the value of the labor put into it.There is a massive difference between replacement cost, and scrap value.


Do you live near honey boo boo?


Breaking news: diamonds are a ripoff


Who told you $200? Don't be a fool, keep checking, they had to be wrong.

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