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I purchased a ring here a few months ago. My fiance picked out his ring and when I got home I googled the ring before purchase to see if their were any issues. Turns out, the patina of the ring changes dramatically. So I went in the store and asked if that was an issue. They said no that shouldn't be an issue, but if you purchase our insurance we have to fix it no matter what. I said ok, great, asked many questions about the policy and purchased the ring. They were more than willing to do whatever they could when I was in the store making a purchase. A few months later, the month of my wedding I bring it back in to explain that they patina has in fact changed dramatically. It was a charcoal ring with rose gold edges. It is now a completely rose gold ring. I purchased the insurance, please fix this. They agreed to fix the ring and even tried to put a rush on it since my wedding was 2 weeks away. A few days later, I get a phone call saying my ring is done. I show up to the store, and they have merely polished the ring, not fixed what I had asked.

The sales person claimed to not understand or see the difference, even when I showed her MULTIPLE photos. She mulled around the store addressing other customers before coming back to me to explain again that she didn't understand what was wrong with the ring. Then a manager came over and I explain it to her. TWICE. She claims the same, that she can't tell, they can't locate a photo of the ring that shows a difference in color. Keep in mind, there is not subtle difference in color on this ring which is why we purchased it.

A sales person suggested we just use the ring for the wedding and then fix it after. Like we aren't paying thousands for pictures to be taken on my wedding day and we should just suck up their mistake. I said no, we paid you money for a ring and I want that ring. This is ridiculous, you need to fix the problem. She kept telling me to relax, and "oh honey I understand its your wedding." I said if you want me to relax, please just fix this problem. Thats all I want. Don't stand here telling me not to be upset. You have failed me completely, and you are not fixing the problem, you are wasting my time. She was unbelievably condescending to both my mother and I. She felt we couldn't demand that she quit fussing with us and handle the situation. That we somehow had to listen to her attempts to soothe me before she would take action to fix my problem. I was not loud, or swearing or even within ear shot of any other patron in the store on Christmas Eve. She finished up the interaction, by calling me "honey" and explaining that she knows it is my wedding and all this other nonsense. Honestly do not come to this jeweler for anything important. The customer service is unreasonable. The manager (Rita) is condescending and does not understand that when a customer explains how to make them happy when you have made a mistake, you should do that thing immediately. You might pay more at another place but it is for a reason. She did not even apologize, not even once.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service and how they handled my situation. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of helzberg diamonds ring and associated monetary loss in the amount of $581. Helzberg Diamonds needs to "they are ordering another ring, but you have lost my business. an apology would be nice but considering the quality of your hires i doubt it" according to poster's claims.

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Vallejo, California, United States #1083913

I would say you got copper instead of rose gold.

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